Dedicated C-Suite Guidance and Support

This hidden gem of Innovate is that EVERY client receives the oversight of a dedicated C-Suite executive who will provide invaluable insight into your business.

The role of the Innovate CFO is multi-fold. Primarily your CFO is dedicated to providing insight into your monthly financial performance. 

More strategically important, your CFO will bring prospective advice you that can take a variety of paths, from debt/equity leverage to taking advantage of available tax credits or other government benefits.  Our C-Suite has walked in your shoes and will provide you invaluable intellectual support.

Cap Table Management

We ensure your cap table is automated, accurate and up-to-date and Innovate will provide you with an automated platform that is updated with every transaction on a real-time basis.  

Investors will be provided with a secure platform where they can access investor relations documents, including electronic securities and employees will be provided a secure platform where they can exercise options and track vesting schedules to keep them engaged and motivated.

Tax forms and 409A valuation services available as well to make us a one-stop shop for all things Investor Relations!

9AM - 6PM (PST)
Monday – Friday
Main Office

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